Friday, October 7, 2011

Insta-Friday Autumn Edition

Loving autumn, as always.
Perfect weather this week.
Love the colors.

Autumn Leaves

Goodwill visit.
It has been a loooooong time.
Cute orange polka dotted pumpkins.
Kicking myself now for not buying them.

Orange Polka Dotted Pumpkins

In the dressing room.
At Goodwill.

Trying on Clothes at Goodwill

Went to my favorite grocery store EVER, Fareway.
Love the big spider in the pumpkin display.

Fareway Pumpkin Display

I spotted these there too.

Hawkeye Tortilla Chips

Too bad.
I'm an ISU/Iowa State fan.
But, I'm sure Iowa Hawkeye fans are happy.

Yard Sale in October.
Because it is the perfect weather.

Yard Sale in October

Doesn't look like much, does it!?
But I found awesome jewelry there.

Sleeping more.
That is the one thing I dislike about autumn.
Never enough hours in the day.
And even less in autumn, with sleeping more.

Love Bug Sleeping

I am grateful though.
The kids sleep more.
Meaning-I can too.

Laundry mat visit.
For the 144887897949 time.
Because our washer is broke.

Laundry Mat $1.75

On the hunt for a nice front loader.
Any suggestions?
Which one to get or NOT get???

Front Load Washers

And last.
But, certainly not least.

Quarter Toy Machines

Quarter toy machines.
At the laundry mat.
I can't believe they still exist!!


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What fun pictures!!! Love it!!! And I love to thrift shop too!!!

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