Tuesday, January 26, 2010

30 Things To Do Before I Turn 31

I have found over the years
I am good at accomplishing
goals if they are specific
goals, not the general goals
of most New Year’s Resolutions.

I started this list I think
in October, talk about
procrastination (something
I tend to do sometimes) and
have finally finished it!

I turn 31 on April 14th.

NOTE: Items in bold I've finished!

1. Write on my blogs each week
2. Make menu buttons on my blogs (Hey, I got this one checked off my list already! Nothing wrong with that, right!? Because my birthday is already less than 3 months away, started this list kind of late though, eh!?)
3. Open my Eco-friendly Etsy Shop
4. Make a piece of jewelry for me, the kids, and…
5. Enter a photography contest, or two, or three
6. Find & write one of my favorite teachers and tell them how glad I was to have them as my teacher
7. Serve with Joy
8. Keep an art journal again!
9. Lift weights weekly
10. Learn how and do our taxes
11. Read and FINISH a book
12. Learn to sew better and sew something!
13. Have a giveaway on my blog
14. Read the Bible daily
15. Design, create, and list new items for My Etsy Shop/s
16. Make handmade Christmas gifts (Did this as well! Need to show some of them on here sometime)
17. Design and make my business cards
18. Work on listing/selling some of my photos online
19. Put many items in My Etsy Shop/s to build a clean water well in Africa (That is $5,000+ to raise!)
20. Send a surprise package to a friend
21. Start “e”’s 52 Questions (love, love, love her blog btw!)
22. Read my camera’s manual
23. Visit an art museum (It has been too long!)
24. Learn to crochet better and crochet something!
25. Learn the difference between crocheting and knitting
26. Get a record player and play some records
27. Paint a surprise painting for Lizard Man for his 7th birthday (will do the same for Love Bug, but her birthday is after mine and so I’ll put it on my list “31 Things to Do Before I turn 32”)
28. Transfer all photos from our old laptop to desktop and burn all digital photos on DVD’s for backup
29. Photograph myself/have someone take more photos of me with/without the kids/Word Geek
She Left Proof (one photo below of ME already! It was a little bright out, so you can't see my eyes much, maybe next time...)
30. Focus more on the positive by relying on Jesus, pray more! And tell others!

As you can see, these goals were about


Heidi Jo the Artist in January 2010

However, I love making goals
and lists, so I do/will have
more lists that include goals
as a family.

I made for the second year in
a row our Great Green Goals .

I plan to list some other
goals we have as a family

And if you are curious,
I was inspired by Meg’s
. ;)


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