Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Metro Station

Newest favorite band
= Metro Station.

Yes, I must have been
living under a rock
to have not heard
of them before.

I heard them on
Pandora through
another favorite
band's radio station
Owl City.

I couldn't find
a great video
for the song
Now That We're Done
by Metro Station,
it is one of my
favorite songs.

I like this one too!

Ok, for the people living
under a rock like me...

Trace Cyrus and
Mason Musso are
the singers and
guitarist of
Metro Station.

Once I see the
last name Cyrus
I think, hmmm,
is he related to
Miley Cyrus?

Sure is.

Well, not by blood,
but they are step-
siblings being their
dad Billy Ray Cyrus
had daughter Miley,
and adopted Trace.

Btw, love this song
by Miley Ray...

P.S. Spared you the video with her skimpy clothes.

Your Welcome.

Love music.

Just not so sure about
the videos they come
out with these days. ;)


Farmgirl Paints said...

I love this song so much it's my ringtone. Thanks for sharing:)

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