Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swirls of Creativity's Purple Thursday ~ Almost Twins

I haven’t been around for a while and there are good reasons. First we had our birthday bash party this past weekend. All four of our birthdays are so close together that we just decided to have one big party this year. It was a fun time, but with all the prepping for it, I wasn’t online much. Also our laptop which I use mostly is about dead. I’m finally ordering a new computer today. It always takes me forever in deciding what to get and finding the best deal out there. I’ve thought and researched it for a few months. Right now I’m on our old computer which I refer to as “Old Bessie”. Doesn’t that sound like a cow's name? It is an old Gateway computer that we’ve had for over eight years now! So the name seemed appropriate. While it doesn’t overheat and have a power cord that is fraying like our laptop, it freezes up quite often while using any program or the internet. It is so sloooooow when using the internet too. I also like to work in the garden when it is nice outside. I still have lots to do and the summer is slipping away.

But, anyhow for Purple Thursday this week I’m going to send you over to one of my favorite blogs because most of my photos are on the laptop. The blog is called Just Me and My Two Chicks by Stephanie Howell and I just love the matching purple shirts that her beautiful girls are in on this particular post. Stephanie does scrapbooking layouts that I would NOT consider the typical layouts. They are NOT cookie cutter layouts in my opinion and I think that is why I enjoy them so much. She is an inspiration to me! :)

Happy Purple Thursday!

If you would like to join in Swirls of Creativity's Purple Thursday, leave a comment for me in the comments section so that I can check out your purple post!

If you do not want to join in...that is cool too, leave me a comment anyhow. I love comments!!

Have an awesome day!


Anonymous said...

I'm stopping by to say hello, and Happy Pink Saturday even though your post is for Purple Thursday, LOL. I love your photo of lizard man.

Please stop by, scroll through, leave a comment - I love company.

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