Monday, June 17, 2013

I am still alive.

It has been about a year since I wrote my last blog post.
I think about blogging a lot, surprisingly.
I have things to blog about, photos to show the world…
But I never quite get it done.

Being a busy mom of three,
and another little one on the way,
this is probably a goofy time to get going again.
But it just seems that if I don’t start today,
Another year will slip by.
And I will forget things that I wanted to remember.

Or be able to help someone because of my writing,
or photography,
simply have a better day.

So here goes…

I plan to start blogging on a “regular” basis,
whatever that means??
I am not sure yet.
I have yet to determine if that will be:
once a week,
a few times a week,
or daily.

But I WILL blog more often.


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