Thursday, December 24, 2009

Do your kids believe in Satan...whoops I mean Santa?!

Have you ever noticed
how the names
Santa and Satan
are just a few
letters mixed around?


I think NOT.

We don't believe in
Santa here.

And before you start
judging me and
think that I am
scarring our kids
for life.

Think again.

Sure, I think
Santa is the
devil in many
homes across
our country.

Why on earth
do I think he is
the devil?

He is all some
kids know and think
about at Christmas
time and to me that is

Very sad.

He is an idol to many.

The Coca Cola Company created how
Santa is portrayed
in western culture
today. And that is
how he became ever
so popular. In a scheme
to make the company
sell more soda.

But you already knew
that, right!?

And you're fine with that!?

Santa getting all the credit...

For every one of those gifts under the Christmas tree.

Heck if I'm
giving Santa the
credit for all
those handmade
gifts that took
me hours to make!

I'm taking the credit.


Has he become an idol
in your home?

Jesus is the TRUE meaning
of Christmas here at our
house and I'm very
proud of that fact.

We do give gifts
(although, there
are times I've
thought of doing
away with them)
each Christmas.
I love to give gifts
and it is a great way
to tell our children
the story of Jesus'
birth and how the
three wise men
walked miles
following the star
to Bethlehem to
give gold,
and myrrh
to help celebrate
and honor the
birth of Christ.

As a child, we never
believed in Santa.

I do remember writing
and sending a Christmas
(want) letter to Santa
as a kid at the local
grocery store one year.

So maybe I believed in
him for a minute,
but I was brought back
to reality because I
did know my parents
were the ones that
gave us the gifts.

My mom wanted the credit too. ;)

The only reason
we sat on Santa's lap
each year in his
little shack was
to get a sucker
or a candy cane.

And to tell you the
truth...I still
have memories of
being kind of
creeped out
sitting on
Santa's lap.

Do we get the
photo with our
kids sitting on
Santa's lap
each year?


Will they be
scarred from


Will my kids know
the true meaning
of Christmas?


Am I proud of that fact?


Merry Christmas to YOU!

Santa, I don't trust you one bit!


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