Friday, March 21, 2008

Photo Challenge 10-Self

This photo, I feel, describes me well. I am always behind the camera! I took this photo on a trip we took out west last fall. We were in the vehicle a lot on this road trip, and what better way to pass the time then to take some photos! I was in Texas for the first time in this photo.

Here is a photo of me as a child. Which one am I? The one behind the camera, of course!! My love of photography came from my dad who loved taking photos too. He doesn’t take as many photos now that he is older. He has me and my three siblings to do that now. We all love taking photos and I strongly believe it is because of him. My mom loved taking photos too, but I think she was busier running after us kids, so she didn’t get as many taken. I just remember my dad always having the camera in his hands.


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hey there! thanks for reading my blog you sweet thang! that cute dress that Lily's wearin is actually a vintage mexican embroidered dress....i found it at a thrift shop---cute huh? i wihs they had my size!! happy day!

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