Thursday, January 24, 2008

My journey begins!

It has been 5 years and about 1 month since I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Fine Art. After school I was burned out. Tired of making art!? Yes, indeed! I made so many projects and I had been in school since kindergarten with no real break from school, except summers which just wasn't enough break at times. Do I regret going to school? Never! I made lots of creative pieces especially in my art classes in high school and throughout college. Some of which I will definitely go back and explore and possible recreate to my liking, or put into new projects.

While taking one of my painting classes in college, we made several sketches/experimental paintings before making our final painting. My teacher then said to us, keep those sketches/experimental paintings and you may come back to them later in life and want to create one of the paintings you never created or expand on one you did. What great advice! I'm so glad that I've keep most of my projects over the years, and all of my sketches, because I may come back to some and put them into future projects or finish some that I wanted to improve.

Over these past few years I have done a few creative projects here and there. I especially enjoy making the annual Christmas cards each year. I’ve been making them since 2001, approximately 75-80 each year, homemade cards, which I also hope to improve upon in the coming years. I also continue to take photos often, well that is one thing that has never stopped, and probably never will! But I still want to do more each year, each month, each week, and possible each day!

This is a great start for me, to start journaling here about my art projects, ideas, and progress.

Now I believe I'm ready to embark on that journey!


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