Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Please Help! Elijah Rainbow Fisher-Donations/Auctions

This one is a tough one to write.
But I would like to get the ball rolling for a family in need.

A sweet, 6-month-old baby boy died Saturday.
Elijah Rainbow Fisher.
The exact details of his death are not known at this time.

I am a mom and I feel called by God to help the Fisher family.
I only knew Lauren, Elijah’s mother, briefly through reading her blog (which is currently down) “Sparkling Adventures”.
She is an amazing mom to know through blogland.
And has inspired me along my path in life.

Today, I’m celebrating the day my own nephew entered heaven.
June 26, 2004
He died at the tender age of 8, of natural causes.
8 years later . . .
I am in a place to help.
God is so smart (love this new quote from a friend).

Today, I would like to help relieve any financial burden for the Fishers.
First, you can donate.

Second, an auction would be amazing to help raise funds.
I need your help.

If you are willing to donate an item/s (art, crafts, services, etc.) and post them on your blog, that would be awesome!
In that post, list what country you are in and if you are willing to ship overseas or not.
Also, put somewhere in the post that the winner will need to donate the final amount HERE, along with their name.
Make sure to list when you will end your auction as well.
Please confirm that the winner has indeed donated the amount before promptly shipping the package out.

If you do not have a blog, but would like to donate item/s, I will be posting some items to auction off here as well.

Thanks so much for your help in advance!


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lisasdream said...

I am so glad that Lauren and the girls are receiving so much love and support. May Sparkling Elijah Rainbow Fisher rest in peace forever more xxx

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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