Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIWW: Might as well jump. Jump!

Enjoyed another awesome day at a park with the family,
in this outfit.

Simply Me

I'm glad we decided to grill out and hang out at the park all day.
Because today sure is chillier.

WIWW Outfit

Love the sleeves of this blouse.
Not usually a sleeveless shirt kind of girl.
And I guess this isn't a sleeveless shirt.
But getting closer.

Happy Portrait

Simple black shoes.

Black Shoes

Where's the jumping you ask?
Keep looking.
You'll find out soon.

Heidi Jo the Artist Portrait

I thought this necklace went well with my blouse.

Necklace Collage

When I spotted this hat-cap.
That's what I call it.
I knew it was perfect for my autumn/fall wardrobe.
"Mustardy" Yellow+Comfy=Loooooove!

Autumn Hat-Cap

Love bracelets.
Love vintage bracelets even more.

Bracelet Collage

And here you go...
Why I titled this post the way I did.

Jumping Collage

Love Bug and I had a fun time jumping together.
And when I was getting this post ready,
the line, "Might as well jump"
popped into my head from Van Halen's song, "Jump".

This will take you back.
If you're my age, that is.
Go ahead, jump!

I liked this photo too.
But I didn't feel like showing my cleavage to all of blogland...


"Mustardy" Yellow Hat-Cap ~ Goodwill (FINL 365)

Necklace ~ Yard Sale

Red Blouse ~ Goodwill (George Woman)

Vintage Blue & Red Metal Bracelets ~ Yard Sale

Bootcut Jeans ~ K-Mart (Route 66) bought many moons ago, they have been well loved; These were my favorite jeans for a looooooong time!

Black Shoes ~ K-Mart, bought many moons ago too


Love Bug's Outfit-All from Garage Sales.


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